Hospitality and Your Five Star Rating

What You Need To Know As An Airbnb Host 

As an Air BNB Host showing hospitality and attending to your guest around the clock seems like a no brainer, but in reality a lot of times you aren’t getting the five stars you desire as a host is because of certain categories that AIR BNB attaches to hospitality. Hospitality is the foundation to a five-star rating on Air BNB. The categories for an Air BNB host is Accuracy, Communication, Cleanliness, Location, Arrival, and Value. Scoring high on all of these categories can lead your way in becoming a super host.



Location / Accuracy / Arrival / Value

Most of the time as a host you can’t help the location of your home (unless you buying a new

 property) but for a good rating there are just things you need to make sure you do, and that is to be honest about the location and what is located close to your property. Something that we found to help renters is to think of why you moved there in the first place and share those high lights with 

your guest. We also added value because depending on the location of certain properties the value of your rental may be higher also think about what surrounds your property. By making sure those things are taken care of you will fulfill your accuracy rating, location rating, and arrival rating (you might even score some point in value!!!!).   

Accuracy / Cleanliness / Value


Make yourself a checklist of what needs to be done before your guest arrive. Below we posted a sample checklist for you.



Declutter-keep the counters completely open

Spray a room spray or use incense

Sweep & mop the floors the day of

Wipe down surfaces with disinfectant



Remove & hide personal items

Keep extra toilet paper in an easy-to-reach place

Have a plunger & scrubber nearby, so they don’t have to ask

Clean or disinfect toilet

Scrub the bathtub with cleaning products

Clean the mirror-no watermarks!

Have extra towels nearby

Provide travel sized toiletries &feminine hygiene products (

Have a candle & lighter or Febreeze readily available

Have a garbage can next to the toilet

Wash the bathmats between each guest



Have stapes like coffee, tea, sugar, cream readily available

Keep snacks &drinks stocked & easily available

Clean your leftovers out of the fridge

Make space in a cabinet or fridge shelf for their stuff

Make obvious which food is “help yourself” or “not for guests”

Dust countertops &put away dishes from drying rack

Take out all the trash (from all trash cans!)



Remove & hide your own things

Wash all the sheets, blankets, pillow cases before every guest

Sweep & mop the floors the day of guest arrival

Wipe down all surfaces

Provide a lamp, pen & paper ,and clock on bedside table


Value also fits into this category because your property has amenities and what we mean by amenities is does it have a pool, Wi-Fi, cable, new appliances, top of the line furniture. The more luxurious the property is the more value it holds. By following this simple checklist or following something along the lines of this will insure you five stars on accuracy and cleanliness (don’t forget about your value category either you can definitely earn points here)



 When renting your home out, things may go wrong or your guest might have question for you. Sometimes even though as a host you pre-plan for the worst and try your best to make sure your guest will have a hassle free stay but life happens sometimes and that’s okay. At this point communication plays a huge role in your guest happiness. Make sure your guest have a working number for you at all time and make sure if there is a problem at your house to make sure you over communicate with your guest so they are aware of things and know you are working diligently to solve their problems. And just that simple by being available, and over communicating with them will help you get the five star rating you need to fulfill the communication section.  

Rating and Reviews 


Rating and reviews is a huge thing to consider if you want your property to always be rented 

and become a super host. Nowadays people go off of review before they go off of a description of your property that you wrote. The business of hospitality is atough one but by using our suggestions as a guide you are guaranteed to get the five star rating you desire. Happy renting readers and don’t forget to log onto our website to check out our latest addition to Be Our Guest.


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