The concept for was conceived on a mission trip to Panajachel,Guatemala.

After flying into Guatemala City, we launched off on the four-hour bus ride into Panajachel. I was delighted to find a business acquaintance, I had not seen in years, was also participating in the mission.

In catching up she shared that they had turned their downstairs space into an Airbnb location. She explained that between the football games and legislative sessions her room stayed rented out. The only issue they were experiencing was the new bar of soap.

She would put a new bar of soap out, the guests would use it and then it would be left in this oozy, soft soapy mess like bars of soap are known to do. “I can’t use it after that; you can’t leave this soapy blob out for other guests to use. What do I do with it, she asked?”

I offered a couple of suggestions, like I’ve been known to do, but one of the ideas I offered clicked like a switch for a light bulb and would not leave me alone.

I’ve often marveled on the concept of Airbnb; how it could bring people back together, face-to-face, like we humans are meant to be. I could offer the necessary toiletries, extra amenities, and share ideas on how to welcome your guests into your home and shape their experience. More importantly, how to bring them back.

I now had an idea that could allow me to share in this idea of opening your home to a traveling stranger …